Found a wild animal in need of care?  Call our RESCUE LINE on 0300 561 0608

Seahaven Bird Rescue is entirely funded by donations - we do not receive any financial assistance from the Government or any other organisation.  The birds rely on the generosity of people like you, our supporters, to get the treatment and care they need to recover and be rehabilitated back into their natural environment.

The rescue, care, veterinary treatment and rehabilitation of wild birds unfortunately does not come "cheep!"  On average, it costs £68 per rescue - this includes; basic veterinary consultation, medication and food along with other necessary costs.
All of the funds we receive are spent on the charitable objectives - rescue and rehabilitation of injured/orphaned wild birds.
There are a number of ways in which your support can help us to continue our work.  See the Donate menu to find out how - Please help us to save lives
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